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As a prominent gel supplement manufacturer, Private Label Nutraceuticals knows that the ingredients in some products are best delivered as gel wholesale products.  Private label gel supplements can be either edible or topical. 

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Private label gel products can be flavored to your customers’ convenience, but some gel wholesale products can also be concentrated or diluted based on the potency of the ingredients included within private label gel supplements. This gives the distributor ultimate control over the efficiency of the product while working alongside a gel supplement manufacturer who has extensive experience and a favorable reputation as a prominent gel vitamin manufacturer. 

Private Label Nutraceuticals has years of experience producing a wide variety of gel wholesale products.  Currently, some of our top-selling supplements are our private label gel products.  As a primary gel supplement manufacturer, Private Label Nutraceuticals puts distributors on the cutting edge of the booming supplement industry.  Our teams of experts are dedicated to helping distributors establish and build company awareness within the world of gel supplement manufacturing while creating and developing private label gel products to fulfill the growing demand of consumer’s worldwide.

For more information about purchasing or developing a nutraceutical product in gel form, please fill out the form above or contact us for more details.

"Our business has grown exponentially since we partnered with Private Label Nutraceuticals and found a truly productive way to break into this industry.".
Doug & Kathi,
"Private Label Nutraceuticals is more than a product creation business. We had our formula developed through them, but we also have them do our labeling and fulfillment, which makes the process easier for us.".
Joe R, St. Louis, MO
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