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As a leading lotion supplement manufacturer, Private Label Nutraceuticals creates nutraceuticals and cosmeceutical products that address skin needs, such as anti-aging formulas, which are best produced in lotion or cream forms as lotion wholesale products. Private label lotion products and creams allow consumers to apply active ingredients directly to the problem area(s) on the skin.

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Private Label Nutraceuticals specializes in the creation of innovative private label lotion supplements that allow distributors to provide high-quality private label lotion products to their consumers which helps to promote and retain a high level of consumer satisfaction.

As a top-level lotion supplement manufacturer, Private Label Nutraceuticals is equipped with a staff of professionals who possess a tremendous amount of experience and expertise in the supplement manufacturing industry. Although the anti-aging category is the most obvious in regard to lotion wholesale products, it is not the only product area that uses private label lotion supplements and creams to address consumer health and beauty concerns. While the purpose behind the private label lotion supplements and the ingredients in them will vary greatly, the lotion vitamin manufacturing system behind the product remains the same.

Using the highest quality ingredients and the expertise of our knowledgeable chemists and a top-notch production process, Private Label Nutraceuticals prides itself on being one of the most popular and reliable lotion nutraceutical manufacturers, who are able to develop, manufacture, bottle, and distribute top-selling lotion wholesale products and cream products of all types.

For more information about purchasing or developing a nutraceutical product in lotion or cream form, please fill out the form above or contact us for more details.

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"Now that my product development and distribution are in good hands with Private Label Nutraceuticals and Planet Fulfillment, I can really focus my energy on marketing my products.".
Cindy S., Swedesboro, NJ
"Private Label Nutraceuticals is more than a product creation business. We had our formula developed through them, but we also have them do our labeling and fulfillment, which makes the process easier for us.".
Joe R, St. Louis, MO
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