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Private Label Nutraceuticals Unveils New Laboratory Expansion

Private Label Nutraceuticals, leading private label company and contract manufacturer of nutritional supplements, has recently expanded production capabilities at their laboratory to provide faster and more efficient manufacturing services for all clients.

Atlanta, GA - August 28, 2012 - Private Label Nutraceuticals recently announced the addition of over 40,000 square feet of new manufacturing space to their GMP certified production. This enlargement has both increased manufacturing capacity and expanded process capabilities, allowing Private Label Nutraceuticals the ability to offer decreased turnaround times and a variety of new products.

A 25,000 square feet increase in production space has allowed for the addition of the latest technological advances in supplement manufacturing to be implemented within the lab. This includes new semi-automatic encapsulation machinery, as well as additional high-speed machinery, to increase the versatility of production capabilities. Tablet processing capabilities have also been improved to better provide tablet development services. Also expanded is cutting-edge technology previously found primarily in pharmaceutical product development, such as micro-encapsulation, liposomes, and nano-technology. This further allows Private Label Nutraceuticals the option to offer a multitude of highly specialized products within the nutraceuticals industry.

Increased lab space has also permitted the growth of specialized services such as flavor, fragrance, and essence creation. The addition of several new CO2 extractors and spray dryer machinery allows for the production of herbal extractions, isolates, and distillates in-house, unlike other vitamin and supplement manufacturers. This technology provides more standardized herbal formulations, therefore delivering more product consistency and efficacy.

Private Label Nutraceuticals has also expanded packaging and climate-controlled warehouse areas by over 15,000 square feet. The addition of multiple new packaging lines, including high-speed processing, has helped to dramatically decreased standard manufacturing times. Furthermore, over 5,000 square feet have been dedicated solely to small order processing.

"Because we manufacturer nutritional and dietary supplements for a multitude of business models, it is crucial that we offer an efficient, cost-effective manufacturing and packaging process for orders of all shapes and sizes. Private Label Nutraceuticals offers industry leading standards to all of our clients, big and small, and is able to provide competitive price points because of the enormous variety of services that we offer in-house," says Kevin Harden, Vice President of Sales. "The expansion of our manufacturing space, capabilities, and human capital is aligned with our strategy of providing high-quality supplement manufacturing and product support services to each and every one of our clients."

"Our business has grown exponentially since we partnered with Private Label Nutraceuticals and found a truly productive way to break into this industry.".
Doug & Kathi,
"I have been truly impressed with the level of customer service and attention to detail offered by Private Label Nutraceuticals.".
Marcus F., Charlotte, NC
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