Consumers from all over the world are beginning to understand that skin care health is more than just a pampering experience, and involves living a healthy lifestyle.  Cosmeceuticals currently represent 80% of the cosmetics market in the USA and Europe.  As the cosmeceutical industry continues to thrive, there will be growing opportunities for distributors to capitalize on this market and create a lasting brand.  Through advanced top of the line skin care products, distributors are able to provide consumers with effective topical solutions such as creams, lotions and serums containing active ingredients that can influence the functions of the skin.  This will help increase sales and cement your brand as an innovative leader within the nutraceutical marketplace. 

Cosmeceuticals are defined as cosmetic products that have or claim to have health benefits.  Cosmeceutical products are marketed as cosmetics, but theoretically contain biologically active ingredients.  Cosmeceuticals are topical products. Skin care products can be taken orally or used as a topical solution.  Many skin care products today contain antioxidants, such as alpha lipoic acid and vitamins B, C and E.  Other skin care products contain peptides, which are known to stimulate collagen growth as well as skin exfoliating agents, used to give the skin a more glowing and radiant appearance.

Skin care consumers are continually looking for the next big thing to help fight the aging process.  This insatiable demand will continue to drive sales and the development of new ingredients.  Knowing your market is an important step in building a successful skin care brand.  Once this is determined, products and skin care solutions may be chosen to meet the needs of each target market.  According to Global Industry Analysts, today’s baby-boomers will drive the U.S. market for anti-aging products from around $80 billion in today’s market to more than $114 billion by 2015.  As these types of skin care products become more mainstream, consumers will look to skin care solutions that cater to their specific needs and wants.  A wise distributor will maximize their success by staying ahead of cosmeceutical trends and new developments in skin care health.

Understanding that consumers from a variety of backgrounds purchase skin care products is also another important factor when building your skin care product line.  Each market is looking for something different with regard to their exact needs.  Adolescents tend to look for skin care products that help combat acne, while more mature consumers gravitate towards products that offer anti-aging solutions.  Thoroughly researching your consumer will help you identify the types of ingredients you need to include in your products to help improve skin and prevent skin problems.

Beauty product consumers often times want to know how a product will help them improve their skin.  A successful supplement marketing strategy will highlight specific ingredients that your skin care product contains. Pointing out the ingredients will proactively inform your consumers of the benefits your product is intending to provide.

Distributors can find additional value in building effective products together as a system.  This will increase profits and reinforce consumer loyalty.  For instance, Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, Nutra Peptide Eye Serum and Super Collagen Cream are all new skin care products targeted toward the growing anti-aging market segment.  These products contain age-defying, paraben-free ingredients that support skin hydration and fight off the negative effects of free radical damage.

In today’s increasingly globalized marketplace, distributors play a vital role in delivering high quality skin care products to consumers.  As cosmeceuticals are thought to slow down the skin’s aging process, many consumers will continue to seek ways to improve their skin health.  This will increase consumer demand, causing this product category to remain popular among consumers.

In order to build and maintain a loyal consumer base as well as brand, it is extremely important for distributors to link themselves with a knowledgeable contract manufacturer who will continue to produce formulations that aid in skin care maintenance to support a healthy lifestyle.  Through Private Label Nutraceuticals innovative skin care products, distributors can provide top of the line products that provide their consumers with the best all-around skin care solutions, in turn increasing sales potential while developing and maintaining a strong presence within the nutraceutical marketplace.