Supplements have been widely used by millions of people worldwide for decades, and as consumers become more and more health conscious, nutritional supplements will continue to see an increase in sales.  Currently worth around $75 billion, the nutraceutical market grew at approximately 7% annually between 2007-2012, and is expected to grow at roughly 8% per year through 2018, with most of that growth in the U.S., Europe and Japan.  As global healthcare costs continue to rise, vitamins and supplements act as alternative, cost effective health options for the everyday consumer.  While this industry sometimes faces extreme scrutiny and negative feedback, distributors are able to combat such exposure by providing consumers with top of the line, innovative products and dietary supplements that are extremely safe and FDA compliant.

The consumer awareness of the positive effects on health that vitamins and nutritional supplements provide has been heightened by widely publicized reports.  These reports include specific scientific data supporting the health benefits of consuming vitamins and supplements.  Reputable supplement manufacturers aim to provide consumers with safe and effective vitamin products.  Unlike drug products, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is not required to attest to the safety and effectiveness of dietary supplements before they reach the consumer.  The FDA even suggests that consumers consult with a medical or healthcare professional before using a dietary supplement, as certain ingredients within a supplement may not be safe for every person.  Dietary supplements are not intended to treat, improve or cure any disease.  However, supplementing with vitamins has been shown to aid with many different deficiencies and nutritional requirements.

Consumer demand has also placed a great deal of significance on supplements and vitamins, as maintaining good health throughout a lifetime has become a major focus among consumers. With most consumers is search of safe and effective health options, people often turn to vitamin and supplement industry.  Each year, US citizens spend about $1.5 billion on dietary supplements and vitamins, and 85% of Americans are confident in the safety, quality and effectiveness of these products.  Because vitamins and supplements are viewed as the more natural approach in health compared to prescription drugs this market segment shows no signs of slowing down.  It is also apparent that many consumers lead busy lifestyles and demand the convenience of vitamins and nutritional supplements versus eating healthy meals every day.  Even the very rare person who eats a perfect and well-balanced diet every day can still benefit from a dietary supplement, as they are known to contain certain nutrients that are associated with superior health.

With the help of modern technology, the supplement industry will continue to advance.  For distributors, it is best to stay committed to providing consumers with high-quality private label nutritional supplements as well as credible information with regard to scientific research, cutting-edge innovation and technology within the industry.  Working alongside a reputable and established GMP compliant supplement manufacturer that provides quality control testing is sure to give you another major advantage.  This type of partnership is will help establish your brand as a number one contender with regard to creating innovative products and building lasting consumer relationships.

With the rising healthcare costs and constantly evolving nutritional supplement industry, it is reasonable for consumers to take advantage of every safe and affordable supplementation option that can assist with providing optimal health.  As a successful distributor, you are an integral part of the nutritional market segment, as consumers all over the world look to you to satisfy their need for top of the line nutraceutical supplements and vitamins.  For more information on our innovative supplements and products, and to find out more about the variety of services designed to support your growing nutraceutical business, please call us today!