With the onset of spring, many consumers look for solutions to issues such as allergies, managing weight loss goals, and increasing energy.  For distributors, this is an ideal time to consider incorporating formulations that are centered on these specific needs, as well as developing innovative product forms that can attract consumers by providing convenient dosage and packaging suitable for people on the go.


Seasonal change can heighten allergies and impact respiratory health. In the United States alone, climate change has caused the spring pollen season to begin earlier than normal, causing many to suffer and endure longer bouts with pollen and other springtime allergens.  According to the 2011 Global Asthma Report, hay fever may affect as many as 41% adults in Europe and up to 45% adults in the United States. Allergies may be related to aspects such as genetics, environmental characteristics, living conditions, and lifestyle habits, yet many consumers turn to natural, safe solutions to counteract these problems.  Distributors targeting this market have several ingredients they should consider promoting, either in conventional supplements or custom formulations.

Goldenseal, which contains the chemical berberine, has been thought to have anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that may help soothe irritated membranes, a common symptom of allergies. Although generally associated with cardiovascular health, another ingredient that has also shown promise in reducing inflammation is Omega-3 and other fatty acids. Omega-3 may also help ease symptoms of hay fever, according to a German study performed at the Technical Institute of Munich. Published in The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, this cross-sectional study of 568 adults saw a relationship between increased EPA and ALA fatty acids and decreased allergenic symptoms. The anti-inflammatory properties of Omega-3 may also help to support healthy lung function. Allergy sufferers have also long turned to nettle leaf, or “stinging nettle,” although scientific research has been inconclusive. Nettle Leaf contains histamine, which may help support healthy inflammatory response.

Supplement distributors must also consider the packaging. Developing portable, travel-friendly packaging such as single doses, powders or blister packaging will differentiate your brand, as well as build additional intrinsic value into your product.

Weight Loss

Weight loss supplements sales typically peak during several key times throughout the year. As warmer weather approaches, many consumers begin seeking new products to support weight maintenance. Spring is a perfect time to develop and distribute weight management supplements.

A report released in 2009 by Frost & Sullivan shows consumers are becoming skeptical of products that proclaim instant unrealistic results.  They are seeking science-supported weight loss aids, in the form of fat burners, fat blockers, appetite suppressants, and energy boosters. However, despite the skepticism, the market continues to grow. According to a healthcare market research report by MarketandMarkets, the global weight loss market is expected to be worth $586.3 billion by 2014. There have been many groundbreaking weight management ingredients recently introduced to the public that have gained tremendous consumer awareness, and therefore are profitable products for distributors to carry to capture this important market segment.  Garcinia Cambogia, Moringa Oleifera, and Green Coffee Bean Extract are several examples of highly searched, popular natural products for consumer seeking healthy weight support. These supplements have been highlighted on multiple consumer-focused programs, as well as promoted within the medical community. Each one of these ingredients also has strong antioxidant properties, which can help distributors market these products as supporting overall health, as well as weight management.

Because of the prevalence of these ingredients within the weight loss market, it is important to look for ways to distinguish your supplement from others. Creative, attention-getting packaging, unique product forms such as liquid, gummies or chewables, or custom formulations containing these prominent ingredients can help your brand stand out among the masses while creating more profit for your business.

Energy Support

As the weather gets warmer, consumers become more active, and begin seeking supplements that will support a dynamic and healthy lifestyle. There is a high level of innovation and advancement within the energy product market, offering distributors many options to capitalize on the explosive growth of this segment.

Not only for weight management, Moringa has also been successfully marketed in the energy supplement market. Moringa is nutrient- and antioxidant-rich, containing high levels of beneficial vitamins and minerals such as iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, and potassium, needed for healthy energy support. CoQ10, another powerful antioxidant, can also be found in many energy supplements. CoQ10 is a crucial component for energy production on a cellular level, and is starting to receive more public attention on the benefits it can offer in supporting healthy energy.

Effective marketing is extremely important for energy formulations. Although energy supplements are a newer segment of the dietary supplement industry, there is a great deal of opportunity for distributors in this market. According to a report from Companies and Markets, the global energy food and drinks market was worth $30.4 billion in 2010 with a compound annual growth rate of 6.8% throughout 2009-2010.  Not only for sports and health enthusiasts, energy nutraceuticals can be marketed towards those suffering from fatigue and work-related stress. As the demand for energy boosting supplements continue to grow, consider expanding your product line by providing various means for consumers to receive supplements through innovative forms such as bars, shots, and capsules.

While developing a product line for any season, it’s important to partner with a supplement manufacturer that can provide quality products in order to encourage your consumers to make purchases, develop brand loyalty, and increase revenue.  As the supplement industry continues to grow, companies should continue to seek opportunities to grow alongside it.  Be sure to work with manufacturers that have a long-standing history of providing quality products, are FDA and cGMP compliant, and provide value-add support services that can meet your business needs as well as the needs of your consumers.   This, as well as researching trends that will best suit your consumer’s lifestyle, can enhance your company’s reputation and sustain your position within the supplement industry.