Vitamins are the essential building blocks that help the body function.  A good, well-balanced nutrition is vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Although eating a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables will give the body the nutrients it needs, many consumers find themselves falling short and in need of supplements to help maintain a healthy diet.  This reality has sparked a major interest among consumers for understanding how vitamins can benefit their overall health.  This also creates a massive window of opportunity for distributors to deliver high-quality vitamins and supplements that contain a variety of nutrients for the everyday health-conscious consumer. 

Multivitamins are designed to supplement the diet and support various functions and systems within the body.  They work as antioxidants, protecting cells from the damage of free radicals that can cause aging and decreased immunity.  According to the Institute of Medicine, there is an actual “Recommended Dietary Allowance” (RDA), which specifies the amounts of a vitamin or mineral one will need to stay healthy and avoid nutritional deficiencies.  These guidelines are tailored to women, men, and specific age groups to promote the safe intake of vitamins without risking an overdose or serious side effects.  For instance, according to The National Osteoporosis Foundation, the RDA of vitamin D for a 60-year-old male or female is 800-1,000 international units (IU).

Vitamin A is water soluble vitamin that has proved to be extremely beneficial to the tissues within the body.  The hair and skin also reap many benefits from vitamin A as it is thought to help strengthen weak hair, smooth wrinkles and clear acne.  With regard to the eyes, vitamin A helps maintain proper vision and eye health.  Vitamin B is made up of eight water soluble nutrients.  B vitamins include Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine, Biotin, Folic Acid and Cobalamin.  The B vitamins are known primarily for helping boost energy as well as assisting the body in amino acid metabolism, cell division and coagulation.

Vitamin C is considered one of the most important among letter vitamins.  Known for its powerful antioxidants, this vitamin is extremely popular as many consumers recognize it for protecting the body against free radicals.  Vitamin C can be taken as an oral supplement or used as a topical solution in the form of a cream or serum.  Vitamin D, usually paired with calcium, helps facilitate calcium absorption within the body to protect and enhance bone health. This fat soluble vitamin can be obtained from direct sunlight exposure, dairy products and other foods fortified with vitamin D.

Vitamin E is another fat soluble nutrient that also acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body.  It plays a major role in supporting a strong immune system, and is also known to help maintain the structure and elasticity of the blood vessels within the body.

As consumers look for alternative solutions to boost their overall health and wellness, vitamin and supplement intake will prove to be one of the best ways for consumers to receive the nutrients their bodies need.  Distributors should work hard to develop innovative vitamin products that will build their brand portfolio as well as a loyal consumer base.  By expanding your inventory with top of the line vitamins and supplements, supplement business owners can reach consumers from a variety of market segments.  The best way to accomplish this is by partnering with a reputable contract manufacturer that will help grow your business and support you in developing high-quality nutraceutical vitamins that meet the growing demand from consumers worldwide.

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