Private labeling continues to be an attractive business strategy for many supplement distributors from all over the world.  However, this opportunity can also come with some manufacturing risks that can affect a product during production such as ingredient legitimacy and legality, product quality and adequate testing.  As a supplement distributor it is imperative that you choose a contract manufacturer that helps you develop innovative products that will potentially grow your business, and minimize your chances of a setback within the nutraceutical market segment. 

Manufacturing ProcessFor distributors, understanding the role a contract manufacturer plays with regard to making your nutritional business a success is key!  A good contract manufacturer should be with you every step of the product development process from fine-tuning a custom formulation to ensuring that the finishing touches of a label design meet your specifications.  Given how important manufacturing partners can be for distributors, it’s important that one truly understands the ins and outs of this production process.  As a distributor, new product ideas don’t always have a production-ready formula; this makes formula development an integral part of working with a contract manufacturer.  Also, considering a step-by-step approach can help maximize your products success.  A manufacturer can walk you through the steps of product development by helping you clearly identify your target consumer, set price points and discuss the product’s active ingredients.  Once these issues are addressed, ingredient selection, delivery system and formula development can begin.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) refer to establishing manufacturing procedures.  The purpose of GMPs is to ensure that products are manufactured safely and that quality is assured.  The FDA has recently established “Current” Good Manufacturing Practices for dietary supplements, and expects manufacturers of dietary supplements to comply with cGMPs. Being FDA compliant with the cGMPs assures that the products being manufactured are of high quality and do not pose any risk for its intended consumer.  Non-regulation of your products could result is the loss of consumers, small profit margins as well as unsafe products being released into the nutritional marketplace.

HurdleA contract manufacturer’s reputation is on the line with regard to putting your product together.  For this reason many are taking good manufacturing practices (GMPs) seriously and will verify the identity and purity of your raw materials.  Although as a distributor you are responsible for your end product, it is best to use your contract manufacturer as your final check for quality.  This can help ensure you are in compliance with regulations and through quality control testing you can determine if you have developed a safe product that is ready to enter into the marketplace.

With the massive amounts of information accessible to consumers of nutraceutical supplements and products, it is also important that everything displayed on a label is true and can be proven.  Be sure to use proper terminology, approved claims and comprehensible verbiage.  This gives consumers the option to decide if the product is right for them.  A knowledgeable contract manufacturer will greatly assist with labeling and packaging.  Labeling compliance deals with the intentions of a product and any dietary supplement or product intended for ingestion must be labeled and contain label statements.  These statements include the name of the dietary supplement or product, the net quantity of its contents, nutrition labeling, ingredient list and the name and place of business of the manufacturer.

Private Label Nutraceuticals offers a wide variety of high-quality products, including vitamins, herbs, weight management products, sports nutrition, solution formulas, essential fatty acids and every other specialty product known all over the world.  We are a team of innovators that help distributors turn their ideas into reality.  For more information on our top of the line manufactured supplements and products, and to find out more about the variety of services designed to support your growing nutraceutical business, please call us today!