As the rise in obesity continues, weight management remains a relevant factor in the lives of many.  According to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey released in January 2012, more than 35% of U.S. men and women were reported as being obese in 2009-2010.  The CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics’ Data Brief shows that the use of dietary supplements has increased in adults 20 and over since 1994, with over one-half Americans taking one or more supplements daily.  The weight management industry will continue to thrive and expand, and the selection of weight management products for consumers to purchase will also continue to increase. With such an immeasurable variety of supplements available, your brand could get lost among the many. So how do you market your product to stand out from your competitors? Here are a few points to consider whenmarketing your weight management nutraceuticals.

Data Collection 

While data collection may seem a bit technical for the average consumer, information provided from key results can solidify your product’s credibility.  Collecting data about your supplement provides the consumer with a snapshot of beneficial effects, while also providing information to compare with competing products. Collecting data from sources such as case studies, interviews, and surveys are a great way to provide information based on experiences.  Providing stories and details regarding results, as well as insight from other weight management consumers, can be instrumental during the customer’s decision making process. When considering collecting data through case studies and interviews, be sure to interview the best spokesperson rather than the most knowledgeable.  While it may seem that the most knowledgeable person would be the better candidate, their ability to convey information that coincides with your marketing message may get lost.  Next, be sure to match the speech with the decision maker or audience.  Information full of technical jargon to be presented to a business may not attract the attention of the average consumer. Add just enough technical information balanced with everyday phraseology.  Last and importantly, ask the right questions.  Think as the consumer.  How will this product aid in my weight management goals? Think about convenience, time, and flexibility.  Taking a strategic approach in collecting data can prove to be essential in getting your supplement marketing message across.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing encompasses a broad range of opportunity to promote the benefits of your product directly to consumers. According to Stacey Acevero of Vocus, 85% of customers expect businesses to be active in social media.  Unfortunately, 80% of businesses aren’t passionate about utilizing social media, ultimately deprivingthose business ownersfrom knowing the needs of their consumers. Setting up an account on Facebook or Twitter is just the introduction to reaching the masses; however, your level of follow through will determine the traffic that will visit your company’s page. Commit to your consumers by updating the company’s status on these sites regularly, conducting promotional contest that focus on individual weight loss success stories, and promoting special offers and discounts.  Social media also gives your customers an opportunity to vouch for your product without solicitation. It’s free publicity that emerges you into the mind of your consumers. By using social media as a marketing tool, your company can build recognition, trust, and brand loyalty.

Availability & Delivery

There’s nothing like knowing a product is readily available at your fingertips. Whether it’s ordering online, or purchasing directly from a store, promoting availability and convenience of your weight management product communicates to your consumers that obtaining the product easily is indeed possible. At the other end of the spectrum, ensuring prompt delivery can also successfully steer consumers away from your competitors and directly towards your product.  According to the CNN Money article “Top 10 Consumer Complaints,”a major issue for consumers entailed non-delivery of purchases made online. Offer a variety of ways to ship products and promote it within your marketing strategies.

Labeling & Packaging Considerations

Your packaging is an important tool in developing an effective message to your consumers. Because innovations in the weight management spectrum are rampant, it is crucial to highlight ingredients that are garnering public attention. Also, consider consumer friendly packaging such as green, environmentally safe packaging and different packing methods.  Some of the latest trends include trimming the amount of materials used to secure the product, as well as minimizing the outer packaging itself.  Utilizing pouches instead of bulky boxes when shipping supplements reduces the amount of unwanted clutter.  As going green becomes increasingly popular, another trend to consider is using eco-friendly materials.  As more and more companies yield to this trend, people look for labels and packing that indicates it’s environmentally friendly.  Also consider packaging that is convenient for the customer.  Consumers who travel, especially flying, could benefit from distributing doses broken up into smaller packages.   Prepackaged pouches containing daily doses are a convenient way for travelers to pack the amount of supplements instead of the entire space consuming bottle.

While there are many weight maintenance programs and management supplements for consumers to choose, it is important to strategize different ways to market your product and differentiate yourself from the rest. Researching and providing key results from product use, utilizing correct channels of communications to your customers, providing attractive packaging, and making your product readily available are great ways to drive consumers towards your product.