As the dietary supplement industry continues to expand, many companies seek opportunities to grow alongside it. Lack of health insurance, practicing preventative care, and exploring alternative medicinal practices have created more demand for nutritional supplements. For businesses interested in diving into this market, several factors must be examined.  Creating the strategy and operations of a brand are important components; however, it is crucial to find a supplement manufacturer that can fulfill your business needs and help you to meet and exceed your objectives. Do you know what you should be asking your dietary product manufacturer to help ensure the success of your brand?

High quality products encourage consumers to make purchases and build brand loyalty. Therefore, it is important to conduct research prior to choosing a manufacturer to produce your supplements. Although searching online is a great start to finding various manufacturers, choosing the company that meets your product specifications entails more than just canvassing the web. Asking specific questions can be a more effective approach when narrowing your choice. In addition, it provides insight on the company’s operations at every level and administers further understanding of their quality processes.  Below are questions that can serve as a gateway to determine the best supplement manufacturer for your brand.

How long have you been in business? Companies with a long-standing history in supplement manufacturing can offer customers more skill in developing a successful brand. Longevity displays a measure of knowledge achieved through trial and error, research, analysis, and development. The longer a company has been in existence, the more confident you can feel about their level of experience in producing your product.

Is your laboratory government certified? Many regulations have been put into place to address and reduce concerns brought on by consumers and government agencies. A supplement manufacturer that is certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and cGMP compliant is a strong indication of its commitment to produce high quality products.

How do you determine the quality of the products you manufacture? Supplement manufacturers are expected by the FDA to develop and implement an extensive quality management system, which includes testing materials to meet well defined standards. Laboratories that conduct analytical testing to determine the potency and effectiveness of each formula, as well as document the accuracy of ingredients, can ensure your product is pure and free of contaminants.  Be sure to ask the manufacturer which types of tests are administered, at what stages they are conducted, and how to receive a confirmation of quality.

Can you describe your storage and warehousing facility? While testing ingredients is a mandatory procedure according to FDA regulations, knowing how these ingredients are stored prior to use is equally important.  Questions regarding composition of storage containers, climate controls, and shelf life will ensure proper material handling and, in turn, a higher quality product.

Which forms of supplements can you produce? An experienced supplement manufacturer should be able to offer a variety of product forms, and allows them to communicate the best option available for your product. While some supplements can be made into a variety of forms, a manufacturer committed to providing quality goods will suggest the best delivery form for your product.

Outside of manufacturing supplements, what other services do you offer? A versatile supplement manufacturer should be able to offer other services to support your brand beyond making supplements. Private labeling, product customization, marketing, and fulfillment are options that can enhance you’re the value of your company’s brand while distinguishing it from your competitors.

Private Labeling and Packaging

From designing logos and labels to choosing cohesive packaging, private labeling and packaging are great ways to effectively convey your brand’s vision.  Manufacturers who offer such services understand the importance of connecting consumers with your product, which is why most have a dedicated graphics team to ensure an excellent end result. Creating custom visuals and unique packaging to target your specific audience can help you increase your profit margin, and an experienced manufacturer will assist you with each step of the creative process.

Custom Formulation

Building a customized formula can help differentiate your brand from your competitors.  Working with a manufacturer that offers a variety of ingredients, flavors, and sweeteners can add a distinctive twist to your supplements.  Whether you choose to create a unique formula, or utilize a manufacturer’s in-house formula, having the option to decide keeps an open door to make adjustments later.


Supplement manufacturers that offer marketing services prove to have a stronger understanding of the market, and can effectively utilize that information to help you create an efficient marketing campaign that can increase your exposure and revenue. An experience supplement and vitamin manufacturer will offer support for online and traditional marketing, as well as support for specific verticals, such as e-commerce and affiliate marketing programs.


Working with a supplement manufacturer that can store and warehouse your supplements can be extremely beneficial.  If equipped with an efficient order management system, this service can be save time and money by reducing the amount of steps it takes to get your product directly into the hands of your consumers.

While there are a plethora of supplement manufacturers to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which company will produce the best quality supplements for your consumers.  Choosing a vitamin manufacturer with an immense amount of experience can provide confidence and security in your brand’s development. Creating ways to open dialogue through questions and research is a start towards developing a good working relationship.  Knowing a company’s background, capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses will influence the quality of your product, the brand’s reputation, and your overall expenditures.