The first thing that a consumer sees is your supplement packaging, and it can make or break the decision to purchase your product. Does your supplement labeling and packaging build value into your brand? To answer this question, we must first look at the newest trends in labeling and packaging.

Green & Eco-Friendly Packaging

Although green packaging isn’t a new idea, it is one that continues to build steam within the industry. This is especially important in herbal, natural, or organic products, as these consumers often place a higher value on earth-friendly packaging. The ultimate goal in producing green packaging is to connect to your target market while minimizing environmental damage. It should be bio-degradable, easily recycled or reused, while still being functional, stylish, and convenient. Another option that is marketable for supplement distributors is to use sustainable packaging. This differs from the traditional methods of green packaging by using earth-friendly production methods, reducing the carbon footprint left by the company. Another bonus of using eco-friendly packaging is that it may also be more cost-effective – as product packaging is downsized, product profit margins will increase.

Convenience Packaging

Another continuing trend in supplement packaging is the element of convenience. Consumers in today’s world are busier than ever, so making a product that is easy to open and to consume is critical. Single-serve packaging, such as individual pouches, is great for on-the-go consumers. Products in date-labeled blister packs help consumers remember to take their supplements. Larger, re-sealable pouch packaging is easily opened, stands independently, and can hold a variety of supplement forms. Liquid formulations available with specific size dosage droppers help consumers take the correct dosage of a product. To determine which packaging is most convenient for your product, you must evaluate your target market, product form, dosage needs, as well as method of delivery to market and shipping logistics.

Relationship Building through Packaging

It is extremely important to connect to your customers through innovative packaging and labeling. With the advent of the smart phone, consumers are easily able to employ multiple channels to investigate and review a product. Utilizing mobile technologies on your product packaging, such as QR codes that can be scanned thought smart phone applications, distributors now can easily direct consumers to appropriate information, websites, and nutraceutical marketing collateral for their product.

Product Kits

Kits containing multiple products to be used in conjunction have also gained popularity. Because many consumers purchasing supplements often use multiple products, providing a comprehensive package provides distributors the opportunity to market multiple products and increase profits. Product value can be further increased by providing supplemental marketing collateral detailing the products and dosing plan. For example, a kit marketed for weight loss may contain a meal replacement shake powder, a supplement to help boost the metabolic system, and a multivitamin, as well as thorough pamphlet describing how to use the products, testimonials, and a complementary diet/exercise plan. Kits can be targeted towards specific age groups, genders, or psychographic/demographic qualities, such as sports performance products or sexual enhancement and stamina kits.

In conclusion, the primary goal of effective packaging is to communicate a message to a specific set of consumers to increase the perceived value of your product. Utilizing these latest packaging trends can help you to better reach your audience and keep you ahead of the competition!