As supplement distributors search for ways to increase their bottom line, supplement manufacturers continue to develop products that reflect the latest trends.  Sales in the supplement industry reached $11.5 billion, and are forecasted to reach $15.5 billion by 2017.  One of the reasons for such rapid growth is the extensive contribution made by consumers over the age of 65.  This market segment forms a strong backbone of support for the nutraceuticals industry, partly because of the desire to pay less costly alternatives to traditional medications. In the midst of this uncertain economy, the number of seniors, adults 65 and over, purchasing supplements regularly will increase as they become more aware and educated on other unconventional means of maintaining health. 

Should you decide to focus on seniors as a segment market, below are some of the products reported to generate the most attention among this group.

Condition – Specific Supplements

Among the numerous vitamins and supplements purchased by seniors, condition-specific products are highly regarded.  Seniors embrace alternative forms of natural remedies that attend to common conditions that arise with age.  Below are a few supplements that address conditions most common among seniors.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

These two supplements are used to manage and maintain joint & bone health.  Both are natural substances found in healthy cartilage and are highly recognized as effective additions to senior’s diets.  Taken individually or together, these supplements can relieve pain, improve joint mobility, and slow down the effects of osteoarthritis-related damage.

Coenzyme Q-10

Optimizing heart health and lowering cholesterol are major concern areas for seniors, which is why it would be beneficial for distributors to incorporate Coenzyme Q-10 to their product lineup.  This supplement supports a healthy heart, as well as provides cholesterol management. Research has shown that CoQ-10 reduces the risk of heart disease and can help treat symptoms of congestive heart failure. It works by increasing the body’s ability to use oxygen properly to naturally lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels while increasing energy.

Prostate Health

Prostate health is a major concern of senior men. Proactively seeking preventive measures can greatly reduce the risk of prostate cancer.  Natural products like Saw Palmetto and Nettle Root reduces the growth of benign cells and minimizes the obstruction of urinary flow.  Overall studies have shown that these two supplements are effective as preventive measures in managing prostate health.

Hormonal Balance

The challenge to maintain optimal female hormone health remains a crucial issue. As women suffer from hormonal imbalance due to menopause and the transition of age, preventive measures are taken to minimize despondent effects.  One of the most popular supplements for hormonal balance is Black Cohosh. This supplement has been reported to be a productive manager of menopausal symptoms and has been acknowledged for its unique estrogen modulating properties. Its ability to support female hormonal changes from one end of the spectrum to the other has made this a highly recommended supplement among women.


Anti-aging products continue to gain popularity among seniors. Because of their desire to retain youth, anything pertaining to maintaining appearance and fighting the aging process will continue to be top-selling items.  Below are some areas that pique the interest of seniors searching for their “fountain of youth.”

Anti-Wrinkle Creams and Serums

Supplement manufacturers have developed many products that support a healthy, youthful appearance of skin. These products serve as natural alternatives to evasive procedures, expensive concoctions, and harmful chemicals,  and contain supplements such as MSM and Alpha Lipoic.  MSM is known for repairing skin and improving collagen production, while Alpha Lipoic is full of antioxidant properties that fight against free-radical damage against cells.  The combination of these two can provide a powerful formula that reduces fine lines and wrinkles and nourishes the skin to provide a youthful glow.

Thinning Hair

With the emergence of products created to combat the acceleration of thinning hair, some supplement manufactures have responded by producing natural remedies to address the issue.  Shampoos, powders, and supplements are some of the delivery mechanisms used to offer benefits such as thicker appearance, hair retention, and nutrients for keratin production.  An important supplement for normal keratin protein production is Vitamin D, shown to assist in the production of hair.  Vitamin C is another great supplement for healthy scalp as it stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles. Organic keratin powder has also been effective in temporarily covering up signs of balding. When it comes to distributing products that manages thinning hair, creating products that work internally and externally may be a great way to increase inventory level.

Everyday maintenance

Weight management

Recently there has a great deal of attention on many weight loss products and the formulas that are most effective.  Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketone, and Forskolin are just a few that remains popular among consumers.  With regards to Green Coffee Bean Extract, a more potent formula has been publicized which must contains Svetol®; a composition of  Chlorogenic and Caffeic acids.  Studies show this specific combination of the two proves to be effective in weight loss management.  Raspberry Ketone and Forskolin are exceptional products notably recognized in the nutraceutical industry.  They work as fat burners promoting healthy weight loss support. These may help offset the effects of a declining metabolism due to age.

Mental Health – Omega 3

For seniors, it is not uncommon to experience forgetfulness and mild memory loss.  For normal cognitive function, the brain needs a proper dose of nutrients to absorb and retain new data.  As seniors age, the ability to do so slows down. Several studies have shown that Omega-3 supplements can lower the risk of memory loss and age-related deterioration. If taken regularly, it can slow down the swift decline of memory loss associated with Alzheimer and Dementia.

As adults age, the search to live longer and healthier lives continues.  The cost of prescriptions can be unbearable, forcing seniors to seek alternative ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.   As seniors become aware of the benefits of incorporating supplements into their everyday dietary routine, the demand for supplements that address age-related concerns increases.  Product efficiency and credibility remain crucial in searching for natural alternatives to medications and treatments which poses a challenge to your supplement manufacturer. It is up to them to ensure your product is formulated and packaged correctly to ensure it meets consumer’s expectations.  As you increase your product inventory, discussing various formulations, testing, and considering multiple targeted packaging options is a great beginning towards establishing your seniors-based product line.