As the New Year approaches, many consumers commit to resolutions involving weight loss and improving health.  Those who seek natural or organic remedies will continue to look towards the supplement industry for support with achieving their goals.  This is an ideal opportunity for distributors to consider evaluating their existing inventory and contemplate adding new formulations to increase sales.  Losing weight and improving health are two of the top three resolutions made each year; therefore, distributors should expect to see increased sales in these product categories.  Supplement distributors should invest in developing supplements that provide multiple benefits and support improved health.  While searching various supplement formulations, it is highly recommended that you seek supplement solutions that offer convenience with effective results, giving consumers additional incentive for continued use.

Weight Loss

Throughout the year, several dietary supplements were featured on many media outlets as successful remedies for natural weight loss. Media attention with support from the medical community encouraged consumers to explore offerings provided by many distributors.  In 2011, sales of weight-loss products in the natural channel increased 28% to $17 billion. With over 1 billion people globally considered overweight or obese, consumers will continue to invest more money into managing weight loss. With consumers making resolutions that focus on weight loss and improving overall health, acquiring weight management supplements that offer additional health benefits can increase company sales.  When seeking quality products for your company, it is important to work with a supplement manufacturer that can offer you a variety of formulation options, as well as support in private labeling and product marketing in order to reach your target market.

Green Coffee Bean Extract is one of the most popular weight management supplements currently on the market. Highly promoted on the leading consumer health & wellness television program, this product continues to gain awareness among consumers looking for weight management products. Several clinical studies have been performed on green coffee bean extract supporting the role of this product for weight management. One buzz word surrounding green coffee bean extract is Chlorogenic Acid, the compound thought to assist in blocking fat absorption while supporting a healthy metabolism. Chlorogenic Acid also contains a high level of antioxidants, which can offer protection during the cold and flu season. While still being researched, green coffee bean extract may also produce positive effects in lowering blood pressure, decreasing blood sugar levels, and improving circulation.

Raspberry Ketone is another popular weight loss supplement that has been highlighted in the media, with a great deal of consumer awareness. When mentioned on an influential daytime medical program, sales of this product soared, with many supplement distributors struggling to keep up with demand.  This all-natural product, derived from raspberries, has been thought to help the body burn fat safely.  It may also lower glucose levels, which can assist the body in blocking additional fat storage.  Raspberry Ketone has high levels of antioxidants, and may protect against Type 2 diabetes.

Improving Health

Beyond weight loss, many consumers set health improvement goals for the New Year.  Incorporating exercise and fitness can help improve some health risks; however, consumers continue to seek other ways to improve health through the usage of vitamins and supplements.

Omega-3 and Fatty Acids are essential fats needed for maintaining healthy brain and nerve function, generating healthy cells, and boosting cardiovascular health.  Because the body does not naturally produce some important fatty acids, consumers seek other ways to integrate this necessary supplement into their diet.  Sales of omega-3 and omega-6 products increase as the demand continue to rise among consumers.  Not only have sales of potent, pure Omegas increased; many consumers are seeking other dietary supplements fortified with Omega-3 and fatty acids. Because of strong support from the medical community, Omega-3 and fatty acids will continue to be viewed favorably by consumers, driving sales of this popular product upwards.

While consumers may seek ways to improve their health, some may also resolve to concentrate on improving the health of their pets.   As pet supplements continue to become a growing market trend, supplement manufacturers continue to produce formulations geared toward sustaining the health and life of pets.  It has been reported that by 2015, pet supplement sales will reach $2 billion, giving distributors another profitable market segment to explore.  There are several product categories available for pets including weight loss, joint and digestive health, and skin/coat care.  Some of the popular supplements purchased for pets include Omega Fatty Acids, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Probiotics, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and Cosequin.  As research continues to support favorable results on incorporating supplements into a pet’s diet, consumers will continue to drive sales within this market segment.

Because of a growing desire by consumers to concentrate on health, weight, and vanity issues during the New Year period, supplement distributors should concentrate on developing private label brands and targeted marketing for products within these categories. Other categories to consider addressing these popular consumer concerns include anti-aging products, skin care supplements, as well as multivitamins and other general healthcare support for end users. Reputable supplement manufacturers can support the needs of your supplement distribution business by analyzing market trends, as well as the ability to provide multiple formulations within these top-selling product categories. Also, look for a supplement manufacturer that can provide fast and affordable custom formulation services, so that you can develop a formulation that can be differentiated among the competition and be marketed to your specific audience.