About Us

Private Label Nutraceutical’s sole focus is to offer clients a premium, quality line of nutritional supplements, including comprehensive and effective formulas for any number of health related issues.

Our extensive line of products is now available with private labels and can be ordered in reasonable minimum requirements. Among other services, Private Label Nutraceuticals also offers custom formulas, graphic design, order fulfillment and various packaging options including single-serving packets, tablets, capsules and powder.

We can create your own unique formula! A custom formula is defined as a unique product made exclusively for you and your company. It is made exactly to your specifications using the same level of quality care and professional technology that we use in the making of our own formulas. Your custom formula may range in complexity from a concentration of a single ingredient to a product featuring multiple ingredients.

The process of creating your custom formula may involve the modification of an existing product or the development of a completely new formula starting “from scratch” in our laboratories. Private Label Nutraceuticals can assist you in every phase of your new product development.

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